Hard Times make tough men.Tough men produce good times. Good times make soft men. Soft men produce hard times.   While there is a healthy dose of self...View Details

What if, for just a minute we were to let go of the entire notion of right or wrong, instead choosing to let whatever it is be, just as it is?   In to...View Details

Martin McPhilimey is an accredited and experienced Respiratory and Sleep Scientist, as well as an Exercise Physiologist and Behavioural Science Practi...View Details

Now that I'm older and little more mature, I'm pretty willing to put my hand up and acknowledge when I'm struggling.   But how do you go from being at...View Details

Like all mental health diagnoses, PTSD is an issue that effects a large number of Australians.   Of that number, a large percentage are men. Todays gu...View Details

It's been a minute, so I thought a quick update was in order. Also, the big 'un stops by for a chat and some shit jokes.   Tiredness aside, it was act...View Details

Us men have a typical tendency to ignore pretty much ALL of the warning signs that something isn't quite right. Ignoring the red flags and burying our...View Details

For the past 20 years, Brendon has been on a daily journey to improve himself in order to deliver a high quality of movement, fitness, nutrition and l...View Details

On my personal insta the other day, I threw out an ask me anything.Here are the responses.ChrisFB: @chrisedgeofficialInsta: @chrisedge_officialwww: ch...View Details

Most men KNOW what they should be doing to achieve what it is they want to achieve.   Most men also do NOT do the things that they should be doing in ...View Details

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